TwiCall: Twilio telephony

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TwiCall: Twilio telephony
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Installation instructions here:

TWICALL cost 5$ per user per month. Full tariff plans you may find her:

Before using TwiCall you should have Twillio account:

Version 1
This app allows you making and receiving voice calls from/to Bitrix system by using Twilio numbers

If you got a problem with installation or any other issues,
please Send a message directly from your Bitrix24:
1. Install application from Bitrix24 marketplace
2. On main page find Account SID and copy in any text file. You will need that in a future.
3. Go to API Keys. On top right side of main page, in search box type "API Key" and click on founded menu item
4. Click "Create API key". Click on "Create API key" button to create API
5. Create API key. Enter any name for API key you creating and click on button "Create API key" to create
6. Copy SID and secret. Copy and past in any text file keys from field "SID" and "Secret"
7. You should to have such file by the end. By the end of all above munipulations you should to have such file with three keys
8. Sel ect check box and click Done. To finish creating API key
9. Enter in TwiCall three generated keys. And click "Install" button
10. You now in TwiCall setting page. After installation of TwiCall you should get in TwiCall setting page
11. Download Extension for Google Chrome fr om TwiCall setting page
12. Unzip file. You should have files inside of the folder "twicall-chrome-ext-.."
13. Open Manage extensions. Open Manage extensions in Google Chrome
14. Select "Load unpacked". Select "Load unpacked" to open extension folder
15. Select unziped folder with Google Extension. Select unziped folder with Google Extension you downloaded fr om our web-site
17. TwiCall should be in a list. TwiCall should be in a list of available Extentions
18. Pin TwiCall in Manage Extensions. Open again Manage Extensions and pin TwiCall
19. Go back to TwiCall settings page. Sel ect the phone number you want to assign to a particular user. You can assign one number to many users.
  1. Then select user fr om the list
  2. Click button "Save"
20. Copy "Authorization key"You need that key to copy in TwiCall extension
21. Enter "Authorization key" in TwiCall
     1. Enter "Authorization key" in Google Chrome extension TwiCall

     2. Then click Log in

22. Click "Go online"

      1. To start using TwiCal

      2. For each user you need to setup his own "Authorizaton key"

Please check video below for installation procedure: