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SerwerSMS Integration Sp. z o.o.
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The integration module is a convenient extension for Bitrix24, which makes it possible to send sms messages directly from CRM contact details to your client's phones.

Use it in order to:
✓Optimize Communications
✓Increase Conversions in Your Marketing Efforts
✓Keep in touch with all customers

Watch the video how it works (PL) -,

Reveal the full potential of communication with customers with our and Bitrix24 Integration Module!

More information about application -

More information about tariffs to other countries can be found here:

The application is available in Polish, English.


This app is a flexible solution that can be used both in its standard functionality and by adapting it to your business purposes.
We offer our application optimization services in terms of the requirements, goals and tasks of your company. Among possible changes and remakes:
  • Setting fields and adding data fields;
  • Creating the necessary stages or business process that works on the base of the application;
  • Language and country (geographical) adaptation;
  • Integration with other systems;
  • Customizing application design;
  • Any changes in the application logic and much more.

Version 3

- Updated and improved application interface

- Added the ability to reply to messages. Responses are automatically reflected in CRM.

- Added the ability to view message delivery reports directly in the application.

- Added the ability to view all answers directly in the application.

- Added tips for frequently asked questions.

Version 2

Functionality update providing all the tariffs access to integration (previously - only for tariffs with the "Lists" functionality)

Version 1
Combine Bitrix24 with the SMS(messages)-sending service

MEDIASOL Sp. z o.o.


Telephone number: +48226022810

Ask a question (online chat):


Attention. The application is available only to users with administrator rights!

1. Install the module from Bitrix24.Market.
2. Register on the website
3. Create a sender in your personal account on the website
4. Enter your data (login, password, sender) in the appropriate fields of the application.
The sender must be authorized (i.e. already created in the account). To create a new sender or check which existing user may be selected, click on "+" next to the “Sender” field.

Installation and Usage Guide you can find in our knowledge base (PL).