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Special module for Deals in Bitrix24, which is directly built into the Deal Card. With the help of it, you can manage all product costs considering different currencies, while the calculator will automatically calculate the marginality of the Deal.

After installing the module, an additional tab "Calculator" will appear on the Deal profile, where you can work with the following parameters:
  • Setting the exchange rate;
  • Cost accounting by product (Product purchase price, Transportation price, Packing price);
  • Product margin (Margin, Margin Amount, Margin Percantage);
  • Total sales and profit.
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This is the basic functional of module. We are able to implement any formula so that you can effectively perform all the calculations on your account! Tell us what parameters your Bitrix should calculate, we will adapt the calculator especially for you!
Among possible changes and remakes are also:
  • Setting fields and adding data fields;
  • Creating the necessary stages or business process that works on the base of the application;
  • Language and country (geographical) adaptation;
  • Integration with other systems;
  • Customizing application design;
  • Any changes in the application logic and much more.
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Version 1
Module for Deals in Bitrix24 that manages all product costs considering different currencies, while the calculator automatically calculates the marginality of the Deal.



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Shop: Buy a license key The application does not require any special settings after installation from Bitrix24.Market.
The module works from any Deal on your account. After installing the module, a separate tab “Calculator” will appear in the Deals card and you can start to use it.

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