Smart Lead Scripts for Sales Department

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Smart Lead Scripts for Sales Department
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Take advantage of ready-to-use smart scipts to perform standard CRM actions!

You are no longer have to filter separate lead details. Now you can use the list of leads as follows:

  1. Pre-edit the Ad message and send it to selected customers;
  2. Add required observers to selected customers;
  3. Remind employees or colleagues about neglected
        customers by posting a corresponding comment into timeline.

Install the app and all three smart scripts will appear above the leads list via Extensions/Smart Cases button!

After successful installation, overview configuration for each smart scripts and ensure that all options are correct. Don’t forget to configure SMS provider in Contact Center to enable SMS smart scripts!

Version 1
Send SMS to a group of customers, notify employees and add observers to a batch of leads.

Standard installation without extra smart scripts setup. Configure suitable SMS provider inside Bitrix24 Contact Center for a SMS smart sripts to operate correctly.