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Got an idea
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This service simplifies getting feedback from clients and employees.
Let them know their opinion is important for you. Cultivate initiative and creative vision for the future.
Leave your own ideas and offers, and evaluate ideas of others. Decide which ideas should be implemented first based on their rating.

Here’s an Idea!
To submit a new idea, press the New Idea button which is available on any page of public part of a portal.
Before adding the idea, users can see past submissions. You can see all ideas at once or only those submitted to specific categories.
You can add your idea using a convenient popup window.

New idea submission form contains:

1.     Header.
2.     Idea description (created in the visual editor, supports bb code).
3.     Category. Categorizing new ideas simplifies navigation and evaluation process.

Idea catalog
All Ideas page lists all submitted ideas.
The visitor can:
1.     Browse through categories;
2.     filter ideas according to the statuses: new, in progress, implemented;
3.     see statistics for submitted ideas;
4.     comment on ideas;
5.     vote for ideas and comments of others;
6.     subscribe to idea comments and updates.
 You can react to idea suggestions with an “official reply”: will be implemented, likely to be implemented, already done. This option is available inside comment and will be prominently visible.

The administrator can change the status any idea: new, in progress, implemented, as well as make changes in idea submission categories.

Version 8

  • Changed the look of the app
  • Added confirmation window when deleting ideas and categories
  • Changed the way to add a category

Version 6
Fix install process

We appreciate your feedback, it helps us to improve the application.
Welcome to support

Or direct questions concerning this free application to our e-mail: (EN) (DE)

+7 499 703-44-96 : Moscow, Russia
+49 40 28407288 : Hamburg, Germany
  1. Start the application and press the Install button.
  2. Wait for installation to be finished
  3. Done