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M. C. Art
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HiHub Library is a service within HiHub portal providing all users with opportunity to share and read e-books. All books are now stored in one space, there is no more need to look for them in different cloud services!

Within HiHub you can find a general Library available for everyone and separate Workspace Libraries with limited access for Workspace members only.

A Part of the HiHub Competence Development Schedule

You can choose a book and assign it as a task for your colleagues.
This feature can be used within personal competence development schedule

Smart Search

Use a general search through the Library to find the needed book faster!
You can also use filters to search with author name, title, description or other parameters.

Add a Book

Anyone can add a new book to the Library!
The only things you need to do is upload an e-book file and the cover image, and then enter the book’s description.
After you have added the book, it will be available in the Library list for others to view and download.

Book Preview
You can read a preview before downloading the book to decide whether this is exactly the one you need.
Preview generally contents basic information on the edition, the author and the plot.

Download a Book

Found a book to read? Download it to your computer as an e-file and enjoy!

Book status

A book status is displayed for each employee individually depending on its reading progress:
New (available but not downloaded or read)
Reading (Downloaded but not read yet)
Already read

Version 2
Mobile app support

Version 1
HiHub Library is a service within HiHub portal providing all users with opportunity to share and read e-books.

We appreciate your feedback, it helps us to improve the application.

About HiHub: https://start.hihub.online/

Welcome to support https://www.mcartgroup.com/services/support/#form

Or direct questions concerning this free application to our e-mail:
support@mcartgroup.com (EN)
support@mcartgroup.de (DE)

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2. Enter the portal address. Click "Install".

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