Rules for Bitrix24 Contact Center

These rules for Bitrix24 Contact Center govern the relationship between Bitrix24 (further - Us) and user (further - You) while using the additional functions of Bitrix24 services (Contact Center).

By using the Contact Center, You acknowledge Your full consent with the Rules. If You do not accept these Rules, do not use Bitrix24 Contact Center.

1. Contact Center offers different communication features (Communication tools), including:
(1) Email
(2) Telephony
(3) Site widget
(4) Website form

2. By using any of Communication tools You instruct Bitrix24 to:
(1) store personal data, specified by You by entering such data in the Communication tools interface and related to a recipient of Your messages (End recipient).
(2) transfer (when required for operation of a specific Communication tool) End recipient personal data to legal entities (Service providers), for the latter to perform routing and delivery of Your messages. Data transfer to a Service provider is performed using API and stops when this data is received.

3. You accept and agree that Contact Center is not intended for publishing, demonstrating, transmitting or otherwise making available any texts, images and other items (further - Content), which may be deemed as:
  • violating or attempting to violate any national and international law;
  • infringing Our or third parties’ intellectual property rights and trademarks, privacy rights, rights to information comprising commercial secrets, disclosing business confidential information, prejudicing honor, business reputation and dignity of third parties;
  • unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, libelous, inciting to violence, calls for a commission of illegal activities, clarifies the procedure for the use of explosives and other weapons, breaks the standard moral standards and ethical norms, obscene, promoting hatred and/or discrimination;
  • incendiary, racist, harassing, abusive, offensive, deceptive or fraudulent, encouraging criminal or harmful conduct, containing negative and critical remarks regarding religion, politics, race, ethnicity, gender, personal characteristics, abilities;
  • advertising of gambling and betting, escort services, as well as similar sexual services;
  • propagandizing extremist religious or political views;
  • propagandizing use of illegal substances;
  • damaging to Our reputation and goodwill or one which may bring Us into disrepute or harm.
4. By using the Contact Center, you confirm that:
(1) you are an Administrator or user authorized by an active Administrator or user, acting on an Administrator’s behalf;
(2) follow relevant laws of Your country (Applicable Law) when processing the End recipient personal data;
(3) have legal basis for transferring End recipient personal data to Bitrix24 and Service providers for subsequent message forwarding by the latter;
(4) Bitrix24 does not modify Your Content in any way, does not initiate such Content, does not initiate forwarding messages from You to End recipients and from End recipients to You, does not and should not have any knowledge of the possible illegitimacy of the Content. Any use of the Contact Center is at Your own risk and under Your own responsibility. If You have any doubts as to the legitimacy of any Content distribution, we recommend You receive professional advice from the relevant specialists before starting using the Contact Center.

5. You undertake to:
  • follow Applicable Law for the entirety of the period of the Contact Center use;
  • do not engage into illegal activities such as phishing, or perform any illegal actions for data collection;
  • do not distribute malicious software or files, including viruses, “worms”, “trojans”, spyware or similar software.
6. You guarantee, that any Content You distribute is received in compliance with Applicable Law.

7. We reserve the right to block or limit the use of the Contact Center / Communication tools at Our sole discretion, including if there are reasons to believe that You are violating the aforementioned obligations and guarantees. We have the right to conclude at Our sole discretion about Your violation of any of the aforementioned obligations and guarantees, based on the information we have, including from a user or any third party complaint. You are obligated to provide us with refutations of such violations at our demand.

8. In terms of End recipient personal data processing, these Rules is integral to the Data Processing Agreement, issued to You by Bitrix24, located at the website

9. Bitrix24 has the right to unilaterally modify this document by posting the updated text on the Internet at the following link.

For complete Bitrix24 terms of service, please refer to Terms of Service.