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A widget for integrating Bitrix24 and SaleBot.ai

SaleBot.ai is the most functional service for creating different chat bots and pipelines in all popular social networks and messengers.

Integration allows connecting chat bots in messengers with Leads in Bitrix24, with the possibility to write to a chat-bot fr om the Lead, as well as to save all the information about the person from the bot and the chat with him in the deals.

Available tools after integration configuration:

- The ability to write directly from the deals to the person in the messenger wh ere the interaction with the bot started;
- Stable Bitrix24 with official WhatsApp and the client’s ability to write first if WhatsApp is connected;
- Starting a chat-bot in SaleBot due to Bitrix24, for example, changing the stage of a Lead or creating a new lead;
- The ability to save all the information in Leads from a chat-bot, including its contact information, UTM tags, files, images, time and date of certain events, bot responses and button pressing, payment data, etc.;
- Ability to move the stages of the Lead, depending on the phase of the client’s engagement in the chat-bot;
- Possibility to use additional Bitrix24 API methods, and  start some non-standard events from SaleBot.

The widget and integration is configured in the project SaleBot .
Click the link to read full description of the integration settings: https://docs.salebot.ai/bitrix24

Version 2
Integration with salebot.pro chatbots platform.
In this version, support for collecting orders and exporting to CRM Bitrix24 from instant messengers: Vkontakte, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger.

The widget allows you to communicate with clients from instant messengers, from online chat through open lines.

All the questions to our community in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/salebot.official/

  1. Install the Salebot.ai application on your bitrix portal
  2. Create a project or go to your already created project on the Salebot.ai website in the section “Integration with CRM” and choose Bitrix24
  3. Fill in the necessary fields according to the instruction and press connect Bitrix24. After that you will see the widget salebot.pro on the bitrix portal in the section of the contact center