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CRMbot will prepare the necessary report - on leads, deals, invoices, or employees for a selected period - and instantly send it to you in the chat.

CRMbot does not store your company's data but requests data from Bitrix24 and sends it to you at the right moment.

To request a report from CRMbot:

  1. Go to the "Chat and Calls" section and find the chat with CRMbot.

  2. Write a command* for the report in the chat.

  3. Receive the report!

*A list of available commands is available upon request "list of commands".

If you didn't find the desired command, write your own using the formula:

"[characteristic] [entity] for [period]", wh ere:

  • characteristic - classification of the entity, for example: paid invoice, converted lead;

  • entity - type of entity, for example: lead, deal, or invoice;

  • period - time interval, for example: yesterday, today, week, month, year;

If you are interested in:

  • personal reports on employees;

  • daily monitoring of key indicators;

  • regular reports;

  • employee activity monitoring;

  • reminders of missed tasks and calls;

  • monitoring of dismissed employees;

  • courses for new employees;

  • CRM cleaning,

pay attention to another application Remark: Edward. CRM Assistant – an updated and upgraded version of CRMbot.

Version 4
Added full customizable text-based reports based on leads, deals and invoices data.
converted and created leads since 01.01.2016
all deals created this month in stage 'your stage'
To see more examples just send 'help' to CRMBot.

Version 2
Custom reports for leads, deals and invoices added.

Version 1
Initial version

Do you have any questions or need to develop custom bots for your specific needs?
Please contact us at: apps@remark.digital or via t.me/remark_apps_bot.
To install CRMbot follow this steps:
  1. Install CRMbot from the Marketplace apps list.
  2. Allow bot to access your CRM data. CRMbot WILL NOT store data.
  3. Instantly access important KPIs