Generation of xlsx table from smart process element fields

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Generation of xlsx table from smart process element fields
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Generate xlsx table fr om smart process element fields - application for generating xlsx file with smart process element fields when moving to the stage wh ere you set the webhook in the robot.

After moving the smart process element to the stage where the webhook is installed, a comment is created that contains an xlsx file with a set of smart process element fields.

xlsx file consists of the following fields:

id - ID
title - title
createdTime - When created
updatedTime - When updated
movedTime - When moved
categoryId - Direction
categoryName - Direction: name
stageId - Stage
stageName - Stage name

contactId - Contact
contact_NAME - Name
contact_SECOND_NAME - Middle name
contact_LAST_NAME - Last name
contact_PHONE[0] - Phone
contact_PHONE[1] - Phone
contact_EMAIL[0] - E-mail
contact_EMAIL[1] - E-mail
contact_WEB[0] - Website
contact_WEB[1] - Website
contact_IM[0] - Messenger
contact_IM[1] - Messenger

ufCrm184LinkToResume - Link to resume
ufCrm184PossibleReleaseDate - Possible release date
ufCrm184Level - Level
ufCrm184Scoring - Scoring

Version 1
Generation of xlsx file consisting of smart process element fields

With questions and comments —
1) Install the application at Bitrix24.Market.
2) After installing the application, you need to install the webhook ( ) in the automated rule at the desired stage of the smart process stage at which the file will be generated. You can set a webhook for several stages at once.