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Timebooking.online is an application for creating appointments in the employee's calendar with the choice of a convenient day and time for the client.

Opportunities for your clients — simple and fast booking process:

  • The client indicates their name, email. They can also invite guests and add a description of the meeting.
  • After that, a meeting will be added to the employee's calendar (with his GTM), and an email will be sent to the employee, client and guests.
  • If plans have changed, the client can cancel the reservation and / or schedule a new one.

Opportunities for your employees — automation of work schedule and communication with customers. Basic principle of work:

  • Using the application, you create a link in two clicks. By clicking on the link, the client can sel ect free time in the employee's schedule and book it.
  • The letter is sent to employee (-s) so that the booked time can be automatically entered into their calendar (Google Calendar, phone calendar).
  • The employees do not need to keep in mind available days or time and there is no need to manually enter the meeting time into the calendar.

The result minimises the booking time for both clients and employees.

Business use case: automatic registration for any service.

Timebooking.online advantages:  

  • the ability to customize your schedule for every day (not just Mon-Fri fr om 9 am to 7 pm, but any time on any day)
  • the booked time is automatically excluded (the time at which the event has already been scheduled in the calendar of the Bitrix24 account CRM)
  • time zones are taken into account (when booking there is a list of time zones, and the users can choose their time)
  • variability of a booking's duration (from 15 minutes to 2 hours).

Version 2
Added a setting that allows you to manage the creation of leads

Version 1
Timebooking.online is an application for creating appointments in the employee's calendar.

For questions and comments — apps@newsite.by

1) Install the application for Bitrix24 at Bitrix24.Market.

2) In the application settings, specify the duration of the meeting. This will display your free time for the client.

3) Specify the "id" of your work schedule. By default, the “id” of the work schedule is set to “1”. If the "id" of the schedule is specified incorrectly or the schedule is not used, then by default the work schedule is generated from the calendar settings in the CRM. You can use both your schedule and your calendar when creating an appointment.

4) Click the "Generate and copy link" button and share with your clients.