Google Sheets integration

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The application allows you to synchronize Bitrix24 and Google Sheets in real time.

  • Uploading data from Bitrix24: Easily sync Leads, Deals, Contacts, Companies and Tasks directly to Google Sheets.
  • Separation by sub-tables: Data from Bitrix24 is distributed into separate sub-tables in Google Spreadsheet for ease of analysis and work.
  • Live mode: Any changes in Bitrix24 are immediately displayed in the corresponding Google Spreadsheet. There is no need for manual updating.
This integration allows Bitrix24 users to effectively manage data using the functionality of Google Sheets. Ideal for those who prefer to work in Google Sheets, making it easy to transfer data and generate real-time reports.

How it works

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Free 30-day trial. Monthly and annual subscription prices.

Version 1
Synchronization of Bitrix24 with Google Sheets: automatic upload, division into sub-tables, real-time data update