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SabaX 1300 SMS
Saba LLC
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The plugin add a SMS provider called SabaX 1300SMS for sending SMS.
  • Could be use anywhere in Bitrix24 as a SMS provider.
  • Checking and displaying the status of the message delivery directly in the CRM (whether the message has been delivered or not);
  • Control SMS balance in your application dashboard.
  • Using queues to sending up to 4000 messages at once;
You are could use the application for:

- Customer notifications: about acceptance of orders, transition to a certain stage
- Send: documents, links and any other text
- Alerts to employees: about the arrival of a new order, the completion of certain jobs, about a vacancy for a new position and any other SMS notification.


The integration app is free of charge and is available for all Bitrix24 subscribers. Monthly subscription fee 25USD.
The cost of sending SMS is determined by the Mongolian mobile carrier-mobicom.

Version 1
SabaX 1300 sms lets you connect your Skytel 1300 sms service to your Bitrix24 CRM. Service allows you to send SMS manually or automatically, through: - Contact or company details - deals and leads details - Workflows - CRM marketing for SMS - Send documents via SMS - Automate SMS rules and get instant delivery reports.

Address: Munkh tower/404, Chinggis avenue-39, Khan-Uul-1, 17030

Phone Number: +976 76005599

Email: info@sabax.mn
Complete standard installation from Bitrix24 Market and proceed with the following steps:
  1. Contact to developer and activate your registration.
  2. Add your Mobicom API Key to the application dashboard.
  3. Send a test SMS for verification: