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The TG24 application will able to connect an unlimited number of your Telegram accounts directly to the Open Channels of your Bitrix24 account with file sharing, saving correspondence and interaction history.

For example, you have a sales department and a customer support department and you want all correspondence with customers and file exchange in Telegram to occur from your corporate accounts, the entire history of relationships is stored in CRM, without widely distributed access and without closing sessions for the dismissed at the same time. To do this, install the TG24 application and configure it according to the instructions

Version 3
Receiving messages in Bitrix24 and CRM chats from Telegram groups

Version 2
Now messages from groups also get into Bitrix24.

Version 1
The TG24 is a free application to connect your Telegram accounts with Open Lines at the your Bitrix24 portal.


USER – a legal entity, the end user of the product
DEVELOPER - team and/or employees of TECHNOUNIT-GROUP LLC
The PRODUCT is the UzINN application created by the Developer, published in Bitrix24.Market and legally purchased by the user.
Bitrix24.Market is a catalog of solutions built into the client's portal (online application store) from 1SBITRIX for publishing and distributing developer products
PORTAL - a cloud or boxed version of the 1C-Bitrix24 web business organization tool and/or the 1C-Bitrix Site Management System (CMS): Site Management
OPERATOR – the operator of a payment service that allows the user's customers to pay for the user's services or goods
ERROR – product behavior that differs from the one described in the documentation for the current structural conditions;
INCIDENT – any event that negatively affects or may affect the operation of the product in the future;
The APPLICATION is a self-registered user's request by contacting the specified contact details (e-mail, Telegram, phone), as well as by using the functionality built into the marketplace;
TECHNICAL SUPPORT – work and/or provision of advice, recommendations or a ready-made solution for setting up and/or correcting product errors on the user portal by the developer's staff;
REACTION TIME – the period of time from the user's request for technical support to the developer's reaction, that is, a response letter by e-mail or a phone call, or a response message to Telegram (notification of the registration of an incident and the start of work on its solution or a request for information on the merits of the appeal, or providing advice, recommendations or a ready-made solution, if the problem is known);
UPDATE is a procedure for replacing software released into production, which modifies or replaces the previous version of the software with the current version;
The CURRENT VERSION is the most senior version at the moment, which includes product improvements and additional functionality, may also include architectural changes and support for changed conditions of interaction with the OPERATOR;

This product is developed and provided to any user free of charge and as is, in the hope that each user can independently perform simple manipulations to connect and configure this product. The instructions are simple and unpretentious, so the developers sincerely hope that you will not need their help. However, if you still need additional hands, knowledge and time, then technical support is provided to any user, under the following conditions:
- the product is not used in conjunction with unlicensed software, and the terms of the license agreements are not violated;
- the user is connected to an operator from the list recommended by the developer;
- if this is a boxed portal, then it is not located in a closed network infrastructure and is fully open for access according to the requirements of 1SBITRIX and the Developer;
- the user has a valid contract with the Developer for the provision of Technical Support services;

3.1. Regulations for user requests:
In the absence or expiration of the technical support agreement, the user must independently apply for a contract with the developer in Telegram, or at the email address specified in the contacts.
In case of an error, a user with a valid technical support contract must send requests for technical support in accordance with the rules for writing requests.:
- an application from the e-mail address of the user's organization's domain to the developer's e-mail address specified in the contacts of the contract and this document;
- application from the Telegram login of the user registered in the contract as the responsible person in Telegram-the developer's login specified in the contract contacts;

The application must contain the following information:
- number of the technical support agreement;
- the address of the portal with the installed product;
- data on connection to the operator;
- information that describes the problem as fully and easily as possible, guided by the rules of writing requests when applying for technical support (what was done, what was expected to be received, what was received as a result)
- video recording of the action procedure and error occurrence;

If necessary and at the request of the developer, the user is obliged to provide administrative access to the user's portal and/or to the operator's office;
When identifying the cause of the problem as hardware, or in the case of a problem with the equipment operator, the user should contact the nearest service center or the operator with an appropriate request.
The user is obliged to fully comply with all technical support recommendations and provide the requested information on the merits of the request.

3.2. Rules of the developer's actions
In case of an error, a user with a valid technical support agreement, the developer acts according to the following regulations:
The provision of technical support with proper quality is ensured, in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the current contract.
Each user's application is registered in its own incident management system, the application number is issued to the User by e-mail
If a vulnerability is detected in the product, a solution is provided that closes the detected vulnerability.
Information on the progress of solving registered applications is provided to the user upon request from the contacts specified in the technical support contract.
When determining the cause of the application as a product error, the User is provided with sufficient information to resolve the incident, namely:
- information about the available version that solves the problem;
- or information about an existing product update that solves the problem;
- or information about the planned release dates of the version or update, with which you can solve this problem;
- or information about a way to work around this problem.

In addition, the developer can provide answers to User requests, namely:
- a ready-made solution or recommendations for solving the problem;
- product consultations;
- access to online resources containing information on known problems and recommendations for solving typical appeals.

Tashkent. Nukus str., 71
+99871 203 7006
Email: info@technounit.uz
Telegram: @technounit
1. Log in to your Bitrix24 under an account with administrator rights.
2. Open the "Market" item in the menu on the left
3. Find the application by the name of TG24 or by the name of the developer of TECHNOUNIT GROUPS (TECHNOUONIT)
4. Click install and accept the terms of use
5. Configure the application according to the instructions