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Tilda Publishing
Tilda Publishing
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Tilda is a modular site builder. With Tilda you can create cool websites in a short space of time. Users of Tilda create websites, portfolios, landing pages, presentations and promotional pages for business

Key Features

Design Code: Our sites are made not from elements, but blocks, pre-engineered by a designer.
Flexibility: You can connect your domain or export the site and put it on your server, make a part of the site on Tilda and embed it in an existing site.
Adaptability: Pages created with Tilda looks great across all devices.
SEO: Specialists will find all tools for optimization — H1, alt, Title, description, keywords, files robots and sitemap, clear page addresses.
Analytics: Assign Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager by setting counter number.

Version 1
Tilda.cc and CRM Bitrix24 integration

Any questions about integrations please send team@tilda.cc
How it works:

0. Adding this application to your bitrix24 portals
1. You create a webpage on Tilda
2. Adding a data capture form
3. Assign Bitrix24 (http://help.tilda.ws/formsbitrix)
4. Publish the page
5. The potential client fills out the form, you get a lead to Bitrix24 automatically.