Telegram for Bitrix24. Whatcrm

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Telegram for Bitrix24. Whatcrm
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Try Telegram integration for Bitrix24. WhatCRM 3 days for free!

Integration options:
Full integration of Telegram with Bitrix24 Open Channels
Write to clients first!
Transfer of pictures, videos and files (xls, pdf)
Send messages with emoji and minimal formatting through your message submission form
Sending messages in an entity card
Sending messages through Bitrix24 CRM marketing
Connect multiple numbers!

You can pay for the widget after a free period of 3 days right inside the widget.
Price from 15.9$/month per connection

Version 2
Now the app informs about missed telegrams

Installation instructions

Click on the "Install" button.

Check the "Agree" checkbox and click "Install" again

Scan the QR code with the Telegram app on your phone

The integration is ready to go!