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Duplicates no more
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Duplicates No More is a reliable way to protect your CRM from duplicate leads, deals, contacts and companies.

When the app detects a duplicate, it doesn't let the repeat contact further down the funnel until an employee deletes it or merges it with an existing contact.

What's new:
  • Convenient check of new contacts at any stage of the funnel.
  • Analysis not only by leads and deals, but also by companies and contacts
  • Ability to link a lead again to an existing contact to merge data.
  • Ability to consider a customer or an old lead as a duplicate of a new one for more flexible customization of the application to meet your own guidelines.
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Version 3
1. Added the ability to check for duplicates in the sales funnel.
2. Search in Contacts and Companies.
3. Linking a contact to a lead within the application.

Version 2
Version 2:
An option to search for leads created by company employees has been implemented. If the lead contains an email or phone number of a company employee, the application will send a notification

Version 1
Duplicates no more is a reliable way to protect your CRM from duplicate leads, deals, etc.

In case any error occurs while working with the application or you have an idea on how to improve it, please contact us by e-mail:  apps@remark-digital.com

Install the application in Bitrix24. After successful installation, specify access to the database in the settings window. In the top menu, go to  "Export Management" section, select the entities you need. After selecting an entity, a panel will be available on the left side that allows you to make a full export of the entity.

If you encounter difficulties during the installation process, please contact us by email apps@remark-digital.com