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The integration is completely free and available on the free version of VPBX.
The monthly subscription fee for an external operator's phone number connection to Virtual PBX is 2.9 EUR, also there is a possibility to connect numbers from KOMPaaS.

Integration with Virtual PBX will allow you to:
1. Make calls in one click
2. Show a client card when an incoming call
3. Automatically create leads from unknown numbers
4. Automatically create tasks for missed calls
5. Forward calls to the responsible manager
6. Record conversations in CRM
7. Receive chat notifications

Advantages of integration from KOMPaaS compared to other solutions:
Configuring automatic lead creation is individual for each user.
Choose phone numbers or SIP URI with which integration will work. You do not need leads if you called the personnel department
The lead is created when a call is received on VPBX, depending on the result of the call, it is edited and the information is supplemented. The manager can immediately enter the Lead already created through the call card
Choose at what stage of the call you need to route the call to the responsible manager. Put the module on the number 1, so that the client, for example, can immediately get through to technical support, bypassing the manager
In the chat comes a call with a link to the client. If the call came to the mobile, go to the Bitrix24 mobile application and fill in the information with one click.
The Lead will contain information about the number that the customer called.
The application for integration with the service KOMPaaS PBX.
Integration with the service KOMPaaS PBX will allow you to make calls in one click, to show the client card when an incoming call. Automatically distribute incoming calls based on data from CRM and many other telephony related features.

Version 3
1. Added support for a callback with the ability to dictate text by different speakers, works with all languages

2. Intelligent system for attaching a conversation recording (if Bitrix24 for some reason could not download the recording, we will send it again)

3. Support for stereo recording

4. Synchronization with the module "auto-call on missed calls"

Added multilanguage

- English
- Hungarian
- Deutsch
- Slovak
- Russian

To integrate with Bitrix24, the subscriber must satisfy the following conditions:

The subscriber must have VPBX service activated.

During the integration process, the subscriber must enter the username and password of the administrator for access of the personal account of Kompaas in the Bitrix24 interface.

To carry out the integration, you must perform the following steps:

Step 1. Install the KOMPaaS widget
Step 2. Set up the KOMPaaS widget
Step 3. Configure  Bitrix24 user and VPBX subscriber compliance

Step 4. Setting up forwarding to the personal manager in the VPBX interface

The integration is carried out as follows:

Step 1. Install the KOMPaaS widget

You need to log in as an administrator on the Bitrix24 portal.
Next, you need to install the KOMPaaS widget. Go to the "Applications" and in the search enter "KOMPaaS ".
Next you need to read the license agreement and privacy policy. Put down the flags and click install.
After installing the application, you will need to enter the login and password of the administrator of the KOMPaaS personal account.

Step 2. Setting up the KOMPaaS elecom widget
Choose a virtual PBX for integration from the list if you have several.
If the call was missed, a responsible employee will be assigned.
In what sequence calls will be attached, first of all or in case of absence of any of the objects.

Step 3. Configuring Bitrix24 user and VPBX subscriber compliance.

To customize the compliance of internal numbers, go to the "Company" tab "employees". Select the employee to whom you want to assign an internal number or mobile phone for integration with VPBX.
Click "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner.
Go to "Add phones" and select "Internal phone" in it.
Enter the extension number of the institute call on VPBX for this employee. If further integration with mobile ones will be used, you will need to enter the extension number of any previously created account in VPBX, for example "100".

Step 4. Setting up forwarding to the personal manager in the VPBX interface.

To set up routing to your personal manager, go to your VPBX account. Select the "Settings" tab and the "Routing Scheme" menu item and add the "Bitrix24" element to the routing scheme. Next, you must correctly set the connection.