CallHelper - sales scripts designer

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CallHelper - sales scripts designer
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Do you need to increase sales?
Sales scripts can help.

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This sales script app is directly integrated with Bitrix24 CRM.
Information about the Customers, Companies, Deals and Quotes you are calling is inserted automatically inside the text of the script and can be edited, if necessary.

When you use this app your sales agents will:
- Say the right things to the right people
- Won’t forget to ask the right questions
- Overcome objections effectively
- Have full information about each client
- Learn the app quickly
- Sell more

The app allows you to create scripts for working both with incoming and outgoing calls by sales agents, telemarketers, receptionists and the like.

The system creates as many scripts as necessary and your employees will be able to easily access a script designed for the appropriate scenario or situation.

The scripts are created and managed in a convenient tree-like form.


Version 3
Call the application from the lists of contacts, calls, companies and transactions.
Auto-loading of selected card data for work.
Working with sales scripts in the "Callout" window.

Version 2
release of ENG version

To report problems and suggest new features, please contact
The app is ready to use as soon as it is installed and access rights for administrators and agents are configured.

By default the Bitrix24 user that has installed the app first is the app administrator. To configure access rights for another user, that user should open the app page first, after which the admin will see the user inside the app and will be able to assign the appropriate rights.

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