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Captures d'écran
The application builds the task report for one or more employees and considers the elapsed time.
The purpose of the application is accurately record the time when a task involves several subcontractors.
The employee who recorded the time to task can be the producer, responsible, co-executor, an observer in this task.
To build a report you must choose the employees, period of time and "date cut" - depth view of the tasks that you would like to capture the tasks that were started a lot earlier than this period.
You can filter the report results by group or number of the underlying task. For more complex manipulation of the results of the report use the export button to a file in xls form.

Version 30
Replaced the standard employee selection dialog.
Now you can build a report for extranet users as well.

Version 29
Installer updated

Version 28
Optimiert den Code verbunden mit der Bildung eines Berichts

Version 26
Adds for overdue tasks are highlighted

Version 25
Overdue tasks are highlighted

Version 24
Changed support address

Version 23
Fixed versus dates in Russian format

Version 22
Changed the date format according to the language.

Version 21
- autosave filter conditions
- collage / instruction

Version 20
The number of digits has been increased in a decimal part.

Version 19
Feedback CRM-form added

Version 17
Open line added.

Version 16
Addition to the localization

Version 15
German added

Version 14
not a critical update

Version 13
not a critical update

Version 12
small addition

Version 11
English language added

mail to: info@is4b.pro
Hit the install button.
To build a report, select
- employees;
- date range that records about time spent on the time tab in issues should fall within;
- the cut-off date must be selected earlier than the creation date for issues that are included in the report;