Netcash eCommerce Payment Gateway

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Netcash eCommerce Payment Gateway
FullView Solutions
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FullView Solutions developed a South African Payment gateway using the Netcash platform. You now have the ability to offer your clients multiple payment methods in South African Rands from Bitrix24, increasing the likelihood of payment being made. 3D security and PCI compliance reduce both fraud and the chances of chargeback on card transactions. Payment methods included are Instant  EFT, Bank EFT, Credit Card, Cash Payment, QR Payment and Visa Checkout. Abandoned carts are a major concern for any eCommerce store and are largely due to customers feeling lost or unsafe. Our gateway is easy to use and completely secure, giving clients comfort when making payment.

Register your Netcash account, install the application in Bitrix24, configure the setting and add it as a payment option on your online store. As simple as that.

Version 1
Accept multiple online payment methods from your eCommerce website with Netcash’s Pay Now Gateway in South African Rands. Selling online is made simple. Your Netcash account can now be integrated into Bitrix24.

For support with your application in Bitrix24 contact

For support with Netcash, contact your dedicated account manager.

1 Create a webhook in your Bitrix24 Cloud paid subscription by searching for "Developer resources"

2 Click on "Inbound webhook"

3 Then create the webhook with the following permissions

·        Online Store

·        CRM

·        Sites

·        Payment systems

·        Data storage

·        Catalog

4 Get your Netcash Account number and Service key in your Pay Now Account profile in Netcash

5 You can also select the payment methods you want to allow with Netcash in your online store

6 Update the URLs that will be used for a successful transaction, declined transaction and cancelled transaction

7 Once the Netcash application is installed in Bitrix24, open the application and add your Netcash account number, Pay Now service key and Bitrix24 webhook

8 Confirm the payment system was created correctly by opening your online store section in Bitrix24

9 Under settings you will find “Payment systems”

10 Select modify for the Netcash payment system

11 Open the “Show all” section at the bottom

12 Confirm all the details were populated correctly using the data in the Netcash application. If any fields are missing, please insert it again. Also ensure the Service ID is 'ae1cb09a-f0bf-4643-9d25-8d054d90ae11'