Credit & Debit Cards - Powered by RoyPay

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Credit & Debit Cards - Powered by RoyPay
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Yes that is right! A fully functional payment platform directly inside your Bitrix24 account!

No 3rd party apps to work with, no using other platforms for reporting, chargebacks and refunds. Everything is accessible from the RoyPay Bitrix24 App!

  • Account Management
  • Transaction Reports
  • Chargeback Reports & Disputes
  • Annual Tax Documents & Reports
  • Orders, Invoices & Deals Integrated
  • Checkout Inside Portal in 1 click!
  • Accept Invoice & SMS Payments
  • Accept Online Store Payments
  • Sign Up In Bitrix
  • Custom Automation Triggers
  • Mobile App Accessible!
Starting at 2.75% + $0.15 Per Transaction

Version 1
Accept debit and credit cards in your Bitrix24 Portal.

For Support:

Phone: 1 (512 )661-7800
Step 1- Install the application and open from your left menu in Bitrix24.

Step 2- Click the signup button in the top right and proceed through the 4 sign up steps.

Step 3- After sign up is complete, you will be prompted with 3 Application Keys

Step 4- Copy & paste the keys into the respective fields and click connect!