[EQ] Google Sheet

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[EQ] Google Sheet
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Captures d'écran
Automatically generate leads
Automatically create or update data on Bitrix24 when a record is added to the sheet

Automatically export data to a Sheet

Easily configure export data to sheets through custom automation rules

All changes on the Sheet are added to the log

Automatically add comments every time the data on the Sheet is changed

Support all CRM modules

Available on modules: Lead, Offer, Contact, Company, Purchase Order, Quotation, SPA

Note: This app can't work on Free Plan

Free trial 30 days. More details: https://bitrix24.eqvn.net/tich-hop-google-sheet-voi-bitrix24/

Version 2
Added sync with the SPA module

Version 1
- Move data from a spreadsheet to CRM
- Move data from CRM to a spreadsheet

Mr. Tuan Le - Technical head
Email: tuan.le@eqs.vn