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E-goi SMS
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Now you can send SMS from Bitrix24 via E-goi.

E-goi integration allows automating your business by connecting SMS with automation rules, workflows, CRM details and CRM Marketing.

Now SMS messages will be automatically sent from Bitrix24 account exactly when needed.

Configure the application and select E-goi SMS as a provider in "Send SMS" CRM automation rule.

Pricing: https://www.e-goi.com/pricing/

Version 2

  • You can choose encoding (UTF or GSM);
  • You can choose the maximum amount of messages to be sent (if the message body is too big for a single message).
  • Fixed Bitrix24 app compatibility issues.

Version 1
Now you can send SMS from Bitrix24 via E-goi.

Complete standard installation from Bitrix24.Market and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Add your E-goi API key.
  2. Select your sender.
  3. Select encoding.
  4. Select the maximum amount of messages to be sent.
  5. Send a test SMS for verification:
  • Specify the phone number as a recipient of a test SMS.
  • Leave the default message or enter your own (up to 120 characters).