BaseLinker integration

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BaseLinker integration
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With this integration, download the complete order information from BaseLinker to your chosen Bitrix24 deal funnel.
Based on the customer's data, a contact will be created in Bitrix24, and if they are added to the invoice, a company will be created in Bitrix24 on their basis and both CRM objects will be connected with each other.

The integration of the order statuses and deal stages is two-way, i.e. you can swap the stage or the order status in any system, and after 5 minutes the synchronization will take place on both sides.

Take advantage of the 10-day trial period and see how this integration will facilitate your communication with customers!

If you do not use BaseLinker to handle orders in your online store or marketplace yet, you can start a free 10-day BaseLinker trial period or purchase one of the available plans in the price list

The presented application is not an official integration of Bitrix24 and BaseLinker because the producers of these systems did not participate in the work on it. Using the API of both systems, Polish Business Club sp. z o.o. made it for the needs of current and future customers.

Version 2
This version adds the possibility to choose the user you want to assign to deal, company and contact.

Version 1
BaseLinker - e-commerce integrations, exchange of customer information and order status between Bitrix24 and Baselinker.

If you need information about the operation or installation, write to the email
you can also send a question
1. After installing the BaseLinker application in Bitrix24, use the link, run a free trial license, which lasts for 10 days.
2. Log in to baselinker and copy your API code
3. Launch the application configuration window in Bitrix24 and fill in the License key and Baselinker Api Token fields,
4. In the Transfer configuration tab, map the status of Baslinker orders with the stages of the specified Deal funnel into which new orders will be imported.