Zalo OA Integration with Bitrix

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Zalo OA Integration with Bitrix
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You can serve your Zalo's customers via Bitrix Open Channel, no need to use Zalo OA Chat directly.
This application represents your Zalo Official Account to chat with your customers.
We made a complete flow from customer serving to assigning tasks  to your employee and more.
Enjoy convenience it brings just by one click.
Zalo OA:
Zalo OA pricing:
Let's install it !

Version 1
Integrate your Zalo OA into Bitrix Open Channel

Before using our application, please create your Zalo Official Account  (if you don't have it yet), verify it ( and buy some paid plan (at this link
After that please create a Zalo developer application
- Go to
- Click your avatar on top right, sel ect create new Application
- Ins ert app's name, description, click create new App ID
- Insert your information (phone number, email, sele ct app category)
- In Bitrix24 installation UI, check I have read and Install
- Ins ert your information, click >> button
- Back to Zalo app setting, Domain authentication, URL prefix > insert link: then click Accuracy > Verify now > Download verify file
- Back to Bitrix24, upload downloaded file
- Back to Zalo > click Verify now > insert another link: click Accuracy
- Setting > copy APP ID and secret key
- Back to Bitrix24, insert app id and secret key > copy webhook url
- Back to Zalo app > Official Account > Official Account Management > sele ct your OA to collect
- General settings > paste copied webhook link > Update
- Bitrix24 > copy webhook url
- Zalo app > paste webhook url, turn on these events:
2 User event send picture message user_send_image
3 User event send link message user_send_link
4 User event send text message user_send_text
10 Events users are interested in Official Account follow
11 Official Account Disinterested User Event unfollow
12 User event sharing information user_submit_info
- Bitrix24 click Grant permission button > check to Accept
Your installation done, send a message fr om Zalo user to Zalo OA and reply it from Bitrix24 for testing