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Vihat Global SMS
Vihat Global
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Now you can send SMS via Vihat Global

Vihat Global is providing the SMS services for business with the competitive cost.

Integration advantages:

1.       Support many languages including unicode content.

2.       Support long/concatenated messages.

3.       Dynamic SID.

4.       Competitive cost.

5.       Unicode automatically detecting.

Send SMS from Bitrix24 via CRM automation rules for all leads or deals.

Testing before using over the application.

Install the application to integrate Vihat Global.

Save your configuration or contact us and select Vihat Global SMS as a vendor in “Send SMS” CRM automation rule.

The application is free. Here is our reference price list.

Version 1
Send SMS throughout the world via Vihat Global.

Account at Vihat Global will be created after you install the application.

The account information will be sent to your registered email when you verify the account at your email.

You will complete the integration after you proceed with the following steps:

1.       Get the account information at your email.

2.       Fill out the Username, password, SID (default is eSMS). If you would like to send with another SID, fill the sender field as you wish.

3.       Save your configuration.

4.       Test your settings by fill out the information at the dialog.

5.       Send message test.