iMessage [LoopMessage]

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iMessage [LoopMessage]
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This application makes direct integration of Bitrix24 with the LoopMessage Server service. You can use this service as an alternative SMS gateway, which helps to reduce the cost of sending transactional SMS, as well as get away fr om the limitations and disadvantages of standard SMS gateways.

iMessage is internal messenger by Apple that's built into their default Messages app. The main advantage is that it is installed by default on all iPhones and is immediately activated on 99% of devices. Thus, a message can be delivered to almost any iOS device in the world.

If you are already using any SMS gateways to send messages, then LoopMessage can complement your current integration.

Main advantages:

  • Low cost compared to SMS. If usually the cost of sending an SMS costs $0.01-$0.15 (depending on the destination country), then in LoopMessage the cost of each message is less than $0.01.

  • Same cost for any destination country. Because in some countries/regions, sending SMS may be very expensive.

  • The service charges only for a successfully delivered message, unlike regular SMS gateways that charge for request, but do not guarantee that the message will be successfully delivered.

  • Ability to check the delivery status of each message. You can always check if the message was successfully delivered to iMessage or not. Thus, in case of unsuccessful delivery, you can continue to use an alternative sending method (WhatsApp, Viber, SMS).

  • High probability of message delivery to iPhone. Unlike SMS gateways, wh ere approximately only 90% of messages* are delivered successfully without the ability to check the SMS delivery status. So, using a regular SMS gateway, for every $1000 you will lose $100 on messages that they just couldn't deliver but charged for the send request.

  • There is no limit on message length. While SMS has a limit of 70-160 characters per message, iMessage allows you to send messages of several thousand characters.

  • Ability to send messages by recipient's email. In iMessage, it is possible to send messages also by user's email, if this email is linked to an iCloud account.

  • Ability to have two-way communication with the recipient. A person will be able to respond to a message sent to him, and you will receive his reply on the client card.

  • Full support for autocomplete fields. On iOS, if the user is waiting for a message with an OTP code for authorization, this code can be automatically filled in the input field right away. Messages that come in iMessage support autofill in the same way as regular SMS.

Application features:

  • Sending messages to iMessage fr om CRM contact card, lead. Availability of filtering by full name and contact type.

  • Send messages in iMessage to employees. Availability of filtering by full name, department, and position.

  • Saving the history of messages in the client card.

  • Substitution of basic data in the message: last name, first name of the client, date, order number, stage of the transaction.

  • Mailing status tracking: active, completed, not delivered.;

  • Check the status of your pricing plan directly in the app, without going to your personal account.

  • Download audience for distribution. Creation of segments of recipients fr om the data embedded in the CRM.

  • Automate sending messages to iMessage using robots. Support messaging using the following processes: leads, deals or orders. It is possible to flexibly configure the automatic sending of a message when the selected events are fired.

  • Sending automatic messages based on triggers: client's birthday, transition to the next stage of the transaction, etc. Works through the function of business processes.

Frequently asked Questions

  • What if the recipient is an Android user, how will he receive the message?
If our algorithm determined that the recipient is not the owner of the iOS device, or has disabled iMessage, then you will receive an error from our service that the sending failed. In this case, you can use an alternative sending method: Viber, WhatsApp, or SMS. Exactly the same approach will be used if you send a message via WhatsApp or Viber to a number that does not have it installed. You will receive an error and will try a new attempt in another instant messenger.
  • I don't know how many my clients using iOS devices. How can I know that I have a lot of them?

You can find statistics on the countries wh ere the information will be reflected. According to it, about 50-60% of iOS devices are used in the USA. Depending on the type of business, the share of iOS devices may be higher than the general statistics for the country, for example, if goods or services of a more expensive segment are sold. As various business reports show, iOS device owners tend to have higher buying power than Android device owners, which should definitely be taken into account.

Thus, you can reduce the cost of sending SMS to a very large and solvent part of users, since the fee is charged only for a successfully delivered message. Today, there are more than 1 billion active iOS devices in the world**, and our service gives you the opportunity to have cheap communication with a solvent audience.

  • How much does it cost to use the service?
Prices for small and medium businesses you can find on the website.
For large volumes, the cost is calculated individually.
  • Is there a free version of the product?
Yes, we have a free plan wh ere you can, connect to our service, and be able to send messages with some restrictions. The free version only supports sending Sandbox messages to a limited number of numbers. These messages include an extra line at the end indicating that they are sent from a test environment, as well as technical information about the message so that developers can test the integration.
  • What will the delivered message look like?
To the recipient, the message in iMessage will look almost identical to SMS.
*These statistics are based on individual analytics shared with us by our clients. This value may differ depending on the country and cellular providers.
**These statistics are based on open sources on the Internet.

Version 1
Send messages to any iPhone via iMessage integration by LoopMessage.

1. Purchase one of the pricing plans on the website.
2. After checkout, you will receive credentials for authorization.
3. For sending messages, select the provider: iMessage
4. For bulk sends, submit an request for approve in the plugin settings.