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CallingBot is an application for integration of Zvonobot service with Bitrix24.

You can manage statuses of Leads or Deals automatically in CRM by voice mailing service, IVR-menu or speech recognition.

CallingBot makes an automatic call changes deal's status in accordance with client's answer.

Client's answer can be recorded and saved in standart CRM call card.

For the correct work of the application, the CRM contact should have local telephone format number, containing country code, region code and the phone number itself.

All calls are made by the Zvonobot service. The cost for calls starts from 0,05 €/min.

For outgoing calls SIP provider uses local phone numbers of your country, which is set randomly when you make a call.
At this moment the application supports calls for Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom, UAE and Turkey.

Note: A 30-days trial is free. Because Bitrix24 Marketplace does not yet support apps billing, everything is marked as free. The current price is here.
All calls made during trial period are payable!
At first registration in Zvonobot service you will get 0,3 € of start balance for your account.

Version 1
Let's calling a Bot, not a Human!

The customer support is provided by "MyStore24" Integration interface.

Also you can use this link for customer support.
The app is installed automatically from Bitrix24 Marketplace.

Documentation can be found here.